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053 - I feel pazzazed!

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A busy show this month, as we catch up on the latest beers coming out of Brewdog, the continued expansion of the Ellon brewery, a brand new online beer school and an indepth look at the changes coming in Brewdog Overworks

We've also news on EFP raises opening up in Europe, arguments over canned water, AGM 2021 details. Oh and Brewdog becoming a B-Corp! Wondering what that is?

There's loads more too. See for yourself:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:48 Team catchup
  • 3:44 Beers Update:

Model Citizen

Mellow Laser Quest

Ald IPA in Germany

Lockdown Survival Kit



Zwickel Helles

Tesco & Brewdog

Cloudwater Collab

Barrel Aged Ten Ton Truck

12 Keys West Coast IPA

  • 13:48 New Online Beer School - In depth
  • 26:05 Full Brewdog Overworks Update
  • 35:55 Teaser questions
  • 36:40 Brewdog Believe Video
  • 39:47 Brewdog are now a B-Corp!
  • 41:16 Our new weekly newsletter
  • 42:35 EFP raises in Europe and around the world
  • 45:55 £14m construction work in Ellon
  • 48:29 Recap on our interview with Jason Block
  • 51:22 Fantasy beer league
  • 54:55 AGM 2021 date confirmed (and the AGM beers)
  • 57:45 Canned water arguments
  • 59:15 Gold punk cans in supermarkets
  • 1:01:23 Double discount on vegan meals
  • 1:03:17 Brewdog now using Yodel
  • 1:04:37 Jo's rubbish joke

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