026 - Interview with guy who sued Brewdog and won!

Published: 11 months ago

A very different and in-depth bonus episode for you this week.

In March 2018 Brewdog created a big promotion, a clarion call to end the discrimination of gender pay inequality. Pink IPA was launched (Punk IPA in a pink bottle) with 20% off for women. The promotion coincided with International Women's Day.

Upset by this, Tom Bower confirmed the promotion was real, then took Brewdog to court claiming sex discrimination. He won the case and donated his £1000 (less costs) to charity.

In this episode Rob talks to Tom and tries to understand why he went through it all, then Jo joins Rob to give her opinion on the interview. Lets just say - she was not happy. Not. At. All.

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Guests: Tom Bower and Joanne Love

Hosted By: Robert Cooper

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026 - Interview with guy who sued Brewdog and won!

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