029 - I thought he was a frog?

Published: 9 months ago

Episode 29!

We're back to a semi-normal show this week with the entire team throwing in news, views, thoughts and reviews on all manor of Brewdog topics.

  • Cameron Robertson has left Brewdog. He talks about his highs and lows, and the reasons for moving on.
  • You can visit Tower Hill, right now, in 3d!
  • Watties asking about Punk State, Jo is asking about computer based Frogs.
  • Andrews asking what the hell is going on, and Bruce wonders if his jokes are any good (they are not).
  • We've an update on new bars, the EFP6 extension and, we mention talk about Brewdog Abby's latest project.

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029 - I thought he was a frog?

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