030 - France is not a town Bruce!

Published: 10 months ago

Two shows recorded at once? Are we insane? No... there's just an awful lot going on just now in BrewdogLand so let's get you up to speed with this first batch of news:

  • We've a bottle of the magnificent Death Or Glory glory to giveaway.
  • What is Punk day? What do you get for free? and why were people mad about it?
  • James is going for a drive. In a boat. On the North Sea.
  • Neil is on to talk about the millions of pounds given away in EFP benefits.
  • Scott is on to talk about completing 14 bars in 3 days!
  • We talk Jet Black Heart, Charity Raffles, and much more.

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Read all about Scotts epic weekend [PDF]

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030 - France is not a town Bruce!

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