032 - A lazy river in the Castlegate bar?

Published: 8 months ago

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A whole months worth of news to cover in this episode, so we race through it as quickly as we possibly can. Well... kind of!

  • Brewdog's own JB chats with Rob about the tough decisions on recent bar closures
  • *Most* of the team get a little over excited at the idea of an AGM train!
  • Brewdog won a ton of awards, Bruce takes us through the winning range
  • We have a brand new 15 stories in 15 minutes segment
  • We complete our DoG giveaway, Watties back, Bruce's bad jokes, and all the silliness some of you love and some of you hate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Guests: Andrew Watson and Joanne Love

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032 - A lazy river in the Castlegate bar?

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