034 - It's like licking a pine tree

Published: 7 months ago

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Another month, another HUGE LOAD of news to cover! Its might be getting chilly in Scotland but we've got everything you need for a great night in right here. In this show:

  • RIP Brewdog Airlines. We get all gossip from the last ever flights of Brewdog Airlines.
  • We take a peek inside the new Brewdog Hotel
  • Brewdog is officially open in a whole new continent
  • A weird message from Dan Ackroyd (not that one)
  • Return of Fifteen Stories in Fifteen minutes
  • And she's finally back - BREWDOG ABBY - yes she's back on the show!

You can listen to the full thirty minute interview with Doug on his podcast :)

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034 - It's like licking a pine tree

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