035 Part 1 - Our Christmas Special. Live from Inverurie & Castlegate

Published: 6 months ago

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Part One of our (wildly under prepared) Christmas special for you!!! We start out in Inverurie, run a Podcast vs Staff pub quiz in Castlegate and then we've an interview with James Watt at Brewdog HQ. What a weekend.

In this (frankly ridiculous) episode PART 1:

  • Loads of news to catch you up on including a brand new "concept bar", we say goodbye to Alison, EFP6 has smashed £7 million, Brewdog in the papers (for good reasons!)
  • We say hello to Brewdog Swansea and the HUGE new Outpost Dublin!
  • There's Christmas presents to unwrap, Rob finally tastes Jo's home brew.
  • And we've Fiona, Ben, Craig, and Michael from Brewdog facing off against the Jo, Ben, Matt and Bruce from the podcast team in our live quiz!

https://www.instagram.com/p/B55IKPRhLW5/?igshid=y93clrz8i8nz <- meet IPA the Mini Golden Doodle!

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Guests: Andrew Watson, Joanne Love & Ben Moore

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035 Part 1 - Our Christmas Special. Live from Inverurie & Castlegate

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