037 - Interview With Mad Scientist

Published: 6 months ago

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Jackie, of Brewdog Budapest fame, got in touch not long after Collabfest 2019. "I'm off to chat with the guys at Mad Scientist." he wrote, "Would you like me to ask a few questions for the podcast?"

We couldn't have been happier to send over a list of questions (and one of Bruce's rubbish dad jokes!)

You'll hear:

  • The motivation behind Blackcurrant Trifle
  • How it felt to see your beer being ranked number one in the world
  • How Mad Scientist nearly went bankrupt due to an issue in the brewery!
  • How Hungarians NEVER rate things five stars
  • And, of course, much more.

The full team are back at the start of Feb. Enjoy!

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Guests: Márton Sefcsik, Tamás Szilágyi

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037 - Interview With Mad Scientist

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