038 - Change Is Coming. And Its Got People Angry!

Published: 6 months ago

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We're back from our winter break and the timing couldn't be better.

Brewdog is changing and its changing fast.

"This may be the most pivotal year in Brewdog history." James Watt

In this episode:

  • We look into the initial reaction to the new look Brewdog
  • How does an AF beer cost MORE than an alcoholic version?
  • Fanzine has changed again. We looking into whats new.
  • Squiddy's new London based walking tours are here
  • There another fabulously fake brewdog bar
  • Breaking news about a big redevelopment of HQ in Ellon
  • And around 20 more stories to catch you up on!


New Punk Can & Bottle Design (early proofs - forum link)

Fake Brewdog Bar (forum link)

German Advert (Instagram link)

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038 - Change Is Coming. And Its Got People Angry!

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