039 - Part 1 - Rob Says Something Negative About Brewdog

Published: 1 year ago

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Rob thought it had been a relative quiet couple of weeks in Brewdog and let the podcasters know the recording should only take about 30 minutes.

WRONG. It took a lot longer. We have a lot to say.

Once the interviews and other updates were added we've had to split this into TWO shows for you. Here's the first part.

In this (PART 1) of episode 39:

  • 50 empty cans for a share in Brewdog!? Good deal? Good idea?
  • We welcome a new guest (welcome to the team Tamsyn!)
  • We talk about Brewdogs Tomorrow Charter and what we hope for
  • Brewdog asked their shareholders to fix the beer displays in supermarkets. We react.
  • And part 2 will be out at the weekend - WooHoo!

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039 - Part 1 - Rob Says Something Negative About Brewdog

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