044 - Brewdog. The World's Most Environmentally Friendly Brewery?

Published: 7 months ago

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Brewdog stated at this years AGM they aim to become the most environmentally friendly brewery on the planet.

That's one heck of a goal. In this episode we focus in on what that means in practical terms and the fantastic Tamsyn explains to Rob all about some pretty weird stuff that is often counter intuitive. How about making beer from toilet water? It's not as gross as it sounds. Honest!

Also, by very kind permission of the excellent beerlovers.at, we've a clip from an interview with Martin Dickie where we answers some of the questions we had around this huge project.

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Guest: Tamsyn Kennedy

Hosted By: Robert Cooper

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044 - Brewdog. The World's Most Environmentally Friendly Brewery?

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