047 - Um Bongo!

Published: 7 months ago

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It's been a month since we last recorded a podcast and a lot has happened in Brewdog Land! In this cask strength episode we've crammed in over 20 stories (and left a big bunch out for when Tamsyn gets back from her summer break!)

Following our failed attempt to record on Wednesday evening, we regrouped and created you a fact-pact episode.

On this show:

🍺 We talk covid, a lot - so much so that we created a separate episode devoted to it!

🍺 Stunning new figures released by James Watt surprised all of us this week

🍺 Great news for our Northern Irish viewers and listeners

🍺 Andrew tells us, again, how much he hates seltzers

🍺 Ben tells us about Black Is Beautiful (he's managed to try both)

🍺 Jo sets us a tough Tokyo* question

🍺 Molly chews a ball LOUDLY.

🍺 15 stories in 15 minutes, Jo's awful joke, and we start the countdown to episode 50!

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047 - Um Bongo!

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