048 - Nineteen Huge Brewdog Announcements

Published: 6 months ago

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Yes, that's right, this episode has 19 Brewdog announcements for you!

Tamsyn and Rob, assisted by Doug, take you through some of the jaw-dropping things that Brewdog have announced in the last few weeks. Its quite something and we promise that even the most hardened Brewdog fans will hear something new!

You'll hear about:

🍺 The 2000 acre Brewdog Forest where you get your own tree!

🍺 The launch of EFP7, sorry EFP Tomorrow

🍺 How Brewdog really are making huge changes to how they operate

🍺 We looks at the motives behind the move to Brewdog becoming Carbon Neutral.

🍺 Oh - and we even talk beer at one point!

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Guests: Doug Johnson

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048 - Nineteen Huge Brewdog Announcements

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