049 - Well played Brewdog... well played.

Published: 6 months ago

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Yup - it's full strength podcastainment (is that a word?) from the team! As we continue to prepare for episode 50, we've heaps to update you on this episode. Over 23 stories at last count!

🍺 EFP Tomorrow has launched. And, my word, it's off to a flyer (£4.8million at time of writing!) We've got all the details.

🍺 The results of our question of the month are in and the beer you most want to see brought back is.... [redacted - you'll have to listen/watch]

🍺 Colabfest 2020 is happening despite "one thing and another" this year we've got all the details

🍺 Brewdog claim to have brewed the strongest beer in the world ever

🍺 15 stories in 15 minutes is back and we look forward to our milestone 50th episode

🍺 Oh and Jo has her own bloomin podcast!

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049 - Well played Brewdog... well played.

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