050 - Interview with Brewdog CEO James Watt

Published: 4 months ago

Rob & Tamsyn squeeze in as many questions as possible into a rare 30 minutes with James Watt.



We get a sneak preview of 3 new products coming in 2021, we ask about how the business is coping and hear about the water issue at the Ellon Brewery.

There's a new loyalty scheme called Planet Brewdog on the way, a new top-secret but very big Brewdog community project on the way. James was desperate to tell us about it but we have to wait until Jan.

We also hear about the recently director level changes, what's happening with Brewdog Millionaire, the reduced EFP discount and the impact on EFPs feelings towards Brewdog just now.

Thanks to James for giving up his time for this and being so honest with his answers.

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050 - Interview with Brewdog CEO James Watt

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