051 - EFP Australia, Delivery Dramas, Gold Punk Cans & Chewits

Published: 3 months ago

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A fresh look to the Podcast now we're into our fifties! Let us know if you like/hate it.

Two months of news to catch you up on in this show:

We look at the recent problems with deliveries from the online store - have DPD drivers really been opening Punk IPA 12 packs? EFP Australia just launched! Jo plugs the **** out of her beer course(s) and we ask Doug if he's ever heard of Chewits!

We've shortened the show slightly but we keeping the listener favourites (including Jo's rubbish joke!)

  • 00:00 Intro & Catch Up
  • 02:32 Bars Update
  • 08:03 Delivery Issues + Gold Punk Cans Promo
  • 12:38 EFP Australia is live
  • 15:51 Jo's quiz question / EFP Tomorrow advert
  • 18:40 EFP Tomorrow over £10m
  • 20:46 Doggy Bags In Bars
  • 22:15 PawPrint App
  • 23:01 ALD IPA
  • 26:02 Free Beer! Double or Nothing
  • 28:51 Overworks Hocus Focus & Old World IPA
  • 30:34 Bottle shop allegedly returning
  • 32:01 Hoppy Christmas is back
  • 34:24 NHS Staff discount reminder
  • 35:00 Hawkes/Urban Orchard renaming
  • 35:58 DogHouse Manchester confirmed
  • 37:09 Brewdog Online Beer Schools
  • 40:50 Craft Beer For The Geeks - Patreon giveaway
  • 41:38 Jo's rubbish joke

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051 - EFP Australia, Delivery Dramas, Gold Punk Cans & Chewits

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