054 - Doug now drinks coffee.

Published: 1 month ago

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Recorded just before the AGM, we take a proper look at the second free beer giveaway this year and the new monthly beer club.

We look into the decision to reduce the ABV of Elvis Juice, what happened to 4 LGTBQIA+ in Indianapolis, new bars and breweries around the world, coffee, weddings, pizza and much more:

1:40 Team catch up

4:16 Brewdog & Friends beer club

12:45 Elvis Juice reduced to 5.1% ABV

22:56 Brewdog Indianapolis sacked 4 LGTBQIA+ staff

35:14 Jo teaser question and Lost Forest video

41:00 Brewdog buy the Kinrara Estate

42:49 Ground work started at Ellon

44:23 Draft House getting a rebrand

48:00 Brewdog USA in the fastest growing 50 craft beer companies

49:09 Brewdog Mumbai opens

50:00 New bars opening in Plymouth, Exeter & Ealing

51:40 New Brewdog brewery in South Africa

53:01 Reduced delivery to Northern Ireland

53:56 Free belated birthday beers

55:10 Tony Chocolonely collab with Brewdog

56:03 Various EFP raises update

58:48 Brewdog Now mobile app lack of discounts

1:00:53 Correction from previous podcast

1:01:40 Unhappy European customers and investors

1:02:22 Beer Pizza dough

1:03:33 Jo's rubbish joke

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Guests: Doug Johnson, Tamsyn Kennedy & Joanne Love

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054 - Doug now drinks coffee.

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