Bonus Episode - Brewdog USA Update with CEO Jason Block

Published: 6 months ago

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While sales of kegs to local bars might be down, all other areas of the Brewdog USA Business is doing well. In no small part that's thanks to Jason Block and his amazing (and relatively) small team based in Ohio and the USA bars.

Here's a question, how do you make 500 cuts rum, when some of the ingredients aren't even allowed in the USA? On this podcast our awesome US correspondent Doug Johnson catches up with Jason to find out. 

You'll hear about the progress on the Cleveland Bar (spoiler - it's closer than you think!), the latest distribution plans, the distilling plans, sustainability changes, brexit, AF beer on Amazon, seltzer news... and the list goes on.

It's only 25 mins long, but Doug and Jason pack in heaps!

Video version of this podcast is available too!

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Guest: Jason Block

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Bonus Episode - Brewdog USA Update with CEO Jason Block

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