Brewdog USA Winter Update with CEO Jason Block

Published: 2 months ago

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Doug got nearly 40 minutes with Jason Block the CEO of Brewdog USA!

You'll hear about Brewdog Las Vegas, loads of new bars, a new "beverage" that's coming, a new collaboration (along the lines of Lamb Of God) the latest on the new distillery, and, as you would expect a ton more:

00:10​ Intro

00:40​ Brewdog USA taking "big bets" on big future growth

03:06​ Brewdog Las Vegas

05:19​ Brewdog Atlanta, Texas, Cleveland, California & size of locations

08:25​ Brewdog New Albany

09:32​ Is USA Distilling Co ready to go?

13:08​ Our Patreon Ad

13:53​ Ohio Hop Garden progress

14:58​ Dramatically increase production capacity

16:05​ New pilot kit brewer and new head brewer (Steve from Victory)

18:18​ Expansion of the Dog House Hotel

19:14​ USA AGM Plans in 2021

20:41​ Our Newsletter Ad

21:13​ Brewdog Tomorrow - Solar panels progress and waste water reduction

23:50​ Electric vehicle charging points

23:30​ Increased distribution in New England, the South East and Mid West

24:50​ Buy One Get One Tree on all six packs

25:35​ PawPrint App in the USA

25:58​ Gold cans of Elvis Juice and Punk AF coming soon

27:23​ What is Cannon Blast?

28:35​ The best low calorie beer - LiteSpeed 99 Calorie hazy IPA?

30:09​ Seltzers (clean and press) are launching

31:15​ Lamb of God's Ghost Walker being sent to the UK

31:38​ BIG future collaboration coming up

32:38​ Mitten Revolution - IPL (India Pale Lager)

33:07​ Bars that remain closed due to Covid restrictions

34:50​ Brewdog Tomorrow (Equity for Punks) raise getting extended?

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